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A Call of Duty 2020 leak has apparently revealed the title and main characters of the upcoming game. There are also some more alleged facts that go along with it, but its to be noted that these are "leaks" and in no way true until officially revealed. The game appearsto be called “Call of Duty: Classified”.

For those of you who have been call of duty fans for some time, you might already have an idea of the cycle of developers. This past game, Infinity Ward developed and released the Modern Warfare reboot which means that it’s Treyarch’s turn to get back into Call of Duty-making, their last release being Black Ops 4. From the looks of it too, it seems they are taking advice from how Infinity Ward went about making Modern Warfare.

Treyarch created the highly popular Black Ops series of Call of Duty games, which took place during the Cold War, as compared to the traditional modern day or WW2 era gameplay (or even space now). According to the Call of Duty 2020 leak, Classified will be taking us to the Vietnam War, a war that has, except for the original Black Ops, not really been explored by Call of Duty. At the same time, the game’s plot will have us uncovering Soviet experiments into human experimentation. This is a era that has been talked about before, so is quite believable that it actually could be a Vietnam game.

Modern Warfare was met with applauds as they went back to their roots when the game was released. If Treyarch is actually developing a reboot of the Black Ops games, we hope they do well and can captivate the audience with the gameplay everyone knew and loved. The main thing to take away from this though, none of this has actually been confirmed yet. Although it would be amazing to have this game be released, its best now to put too much hope into it yet. If the Call of Duty 2020 leak actually turns out to be true, we’ll likely find out sometime this summer if Activision and Treyarch want to release a trailer for the game, and see for ourselves sometime this year.
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