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Repentance is the last expansion for The Binding of Isaac, one of the worlds most popular games. However, the DLC pack won't be launching this Summer, but should be coming later this year.

For gamers who like dungeon diving, rouge-like games, then The Binding of Isaac is right up your alley. The game has seen massive success and many players have already beaten it multiple times with every character. Which leaves the player base wondering what content is there left, and what is next? However, those question are finally being answered by series creator Edmund McMillen. McMillen verified that Repentance, the game’s next DLC, is still in development.

McMillen responded to some fans on twitter, and explained what was happening with Repentance, along with all of his other titles.
Repentance is obviously still in development, We are quite far along, but still need to add a few more bosses, items a cutscene or 2 and bonus things.
He made the point clear that although Repentance was slated to release by the end of the summer, due to the issues presented by COVID-19, that date would likely be pushed back.

As for what to expect from the upcoming expansion, there's a whole bunch. The Binding of Isaac wiki already details new additions coming with Repentance. For starters, there is a whole new array of items, two new floors, two new characters and new bosses and enemies. Repentance most unique feature though comes from its humble beginnings. Repentance was originally a fan mod of the game titled Antibirth. Inside the community, Antibirth was well received for its tough but fair changes to the game, along with the heaping load of content that it added.
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