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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been met with praise for taking a step back to its traditional play style, while also introducing modern mechanics. The game has every and anything a fan could want, and even introduced "Warzone", a free to play Battle Royale mode. Something Infinity Ward has done in order to keep things fresh, is to add new content, and specifically lore, in what they call seasons. Past seasons have brought back fan favorite characters like Ghost, added new weapons, vehicle skins and so on. Now, the developers are getting geared up and ready for season 4. Recently, Infinity Ward tweeted out that season 4 would be officially released on June 3rd, with the caption "This story is far from over."

Modern Warfare has seen a lot of new story progression, adding bunkers and hidden Easter eggs throughout the Warzone map, possibly leading up to a map change. They have also expanded the operators, bringing back characters such as Alex, and now, bringing back Captain Price as a playable character. From the teaser trailer images, it looks like we will also see the addition of Kyle "Gaz" Garrick.

Besides new playable characters, we can also expect new weapons, skins, and possibly maps and modes. The Spec-Ops mode is also adding new missions, which you can read more about on the official Call of Duty Blog here. The Spec-Ops mode continues the campaign and looks to be connecting with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, seeing as the current game goes into the past.

The quickening instability in Verdansk, following the fall of the Armisitice, is becoming a bigger threat, maybe even bigger than Al-Qatala. After an intercepted phone call between Target Denver and one of his elite soldiers, we learned of Armistice finally bringing out their ace in the hole: Task Force 141’s finest in Captain John Price and the final squad member he nominated to this Tier One group.
The trailer recaps everything we know so far: chemical weapons are in the wild, Mr. Z is still at large and his plan of aiding AQ and disrupting alliances in the East and West is working: Armistice Operators are “targeting their own,” according to Ghost.
Mr. Z's plan is causing absolute chaos and only a few options are left on the table. Can Captain Price offer to take another “business trip” and stop this explosive in-fighting that is building towards a global war?
What happens next? That, Operator, is up to you to decide.
Stay tuned for a few more character biographies in the coming days to further ingrain you within this universe. Right now, you can see for yourself the chaos in Verdansk by playing Warzone, or learn the origins of this story through Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special Ops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Stay frosty.

Below you can watch the full trailer and begin to decipher what all of it could mean. In the meantime, stay tuned for new information!

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