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Doom Eternal is a fantastic game, allowing the player to be the super powered, demon slaying protagonist they always wanted to be. However, only one thing could stop you from reaching your full destructive nature, Denuvo Anti-Cheat system. For a majority of PC players, Denuvo’s software is recking havoc and not allowing gamers to fully play the game. The company behind Doom is infamous for its DRM software, which requires players to have an Internet connection in order to play. However, DRM isn't the problem this time, its actually the anti-cheat system causing the issues. Thankfully, Doom Eternal is planning to remove the system that has caused so many problems, in their upcoming patch.

With Doom Eternal‘s first patch, Denuvo anti-cheat was introduced, marking the beginning of the end. Denuvo anti-cheat is a kernel-mode anti-cheat, which means the game doesn't just check the files for cheats, but rather the entire operating system. Irdeto, the company that built Denuvo, stated that the software doesn’t take any personal information, however, it does monitor how your OS interacts with Doom Eternal, which then sends that information to Amazon servers.

Making matters worse, players began to complain the game was performing poorly after the Denuvo’s anti-cheat was activated. Some players on Reddit and in Steam claimed that the game was running considerably worse, while others couldn't even get the game to launch. Bethesda eventually stepped in, saying that the game’s development team would be “investigating reports of crashes and performance issues for some PC users”.

On the Doom subreddit, the developers announced the Denuvo anti-cheat would be removed. Doom Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton shared some of the results of that investigation they had put forward, and came to the conclusion as why the issues were occurring. According to Stratton, the development team was able to discover and fix “several crashes in our code related to customizable skins. We were also able to identify and fix a number of other memory-related crashes that should improve overall stability for players.”

The patch currently does not have a release date, but we are hoping to see it soon.
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