Nintendo Metroid Prime Trilogy May Release on Switch


Metroid Prime Trilogy may be seeing a port coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, at least according to a listing from Swedish retailer Inet. The online retailer has updated the game’s page with a release date.

Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch, according to the release date on Inet, is set for June 19. Of course, as usual, all leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is yet to be any official information given by Nintendo. Last year, Nintendo insider kindzell suggested the company was gearing up to reveal Metroid Prime Trilogy during its February Nintendo Direct.

US retailer Best Buy also got fans excited, when the game was posted in their staff-only database. The Metroid Prime trilogy was originally released on GameCube, followed by a version on Wii. It was later remastered as a single package for Wii, with the GameCube titles getting motion controls added into the mix, before receiving a digitally re-released version on Wii U.
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