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Operation Steel Wave, Rianbow Sixs next edition DLC addition, introduces two new Operators, a map rework, and more for the update. Ubisoft fully revealed Operation Steel Wave, with the latest content update that will kickstart Rainbow Six SiegeYear 5, Season 2.

As with previousSeason updates, Operation Steel Wave has one new attacker and one defender. As for the attacker, we are introduced to Ace; equipped with the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, the "Norwegian Operator is a hard breacher who is considered brash and charismatic". The new defender is Melusi; "hailing from South Africa, she can deploy the Banshee Sonic Defence to gather intel and slow her enemies."

As for the new map rework, we see the classic map House makes its return debut. Although the map is still considered casual, the Rainbow Six Siege team felt changes needed to be made. Some of the areas are a bit bigger, and there is an entirely new section on the South side of the map. The objective of the re-work was to make it more completive while keeping the same feel of the map.

Along with a new map and operators, we also see the addition of a new secondary gadget . Say hello to the Proximity Alarm, an intel-gathering tool that can be thrown on just about any surface. If your opponent steps within proximity of the device, it will trigger the alarm and give away their position. Besides new content, we also see some tweaks, and fixes, the main being Amaru. With the new update to they have made her more, unpredictable. Her hook animations and timing will be smoother, and she will now only break barricades when she goes through them. She will also no longer need to break a hatch before going up with her Garra Hook as it will now breach automatically.

Some big changes to MM) system will be implemented with Operation Steel Wave. Rainbow Six Siege will now have unified MMRs fo each playlist, so it will no longer be tied to the region you play in. Also, for players trying to make it to Champions rank, you will now need to play a minimum of 100 matches, as well as reaching the 5000 MMR threshold.

Finally, we see a new elite skin, Echo's new Tenkamusou outfit. There will also be skins for your weapon attachments available for you to choose from.

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