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Nintendo, like many companies, put a hold on its customer service repair centers, however it’s now gradually beginning to reopen a number of its facilities. That means that in case you’ve got a busted Nintendo Switch or a couple of Joy-Cons which have been giving you trouble, you will be able to ship the devices into Nintendo’s North American repair centers to get them fixed. Nintendo updated their FAQ about repair center closures to reflect this information, but it reminded customers that the reopenings are subject to guidelines and regulations within the respective states.

On the FAQ page for “Important Information About Repair Service Center Closures” now lists new information as to when clients can expect Nintendo to resume its repair services. It said as soon as May 14th that the repair centers would be shut down until further notice, but with the latest FAQ update happening on May 19th, it now says places are starting to reopen.

Depending at the state or province, some repair facilities are regularly restarting offerings in accordance with local suggestions in place due to COVID-19, Nintendo’s FAQ said

Nintendo’s repair services taking a hit during this time wasn’t unexpected since many places suspended services like taking returns and fixing customers’ items, but it put Nintendo Switch owners in a tricky spot if they needed something fixed. Nintendo Switch devices have been getting much more use and are still prone to problems occasionally with things like the Joy-Cons drifting or becoming less responsive, but if you had some sort of problem like that occur while you were at home trying to make the most of the current situation with some games, you were out of luck.

What the FAQ doesn’t have is a list of places that are reopening or information on how quickly repair centers will reopen, so if you’re looking to get a Nintendo Switch repaired, your best bet is to go through the proper channels on Nintendo’s support site to see what the verdict is. Based on the wording of the answer, it looks like we’ll see Nintendo ramping up its repairs soon. It’s probably best to expect some longer wait times for your repairs given that many people are going to be sending their devices in now to get them fixed.

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