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Paradise Lost has been officially confirmed to be released on Next-Gen consoles in 2020. Publisher All in! Games began teasing Paradise Lost way back in early 2017 with a few updates from developer PolyAmorous afterwards, then the game seemingly disappeared. However, a new cinematic teaser has just been released to showcase how Paradise Lost will be a “deeply engaging story-driven” experience. The player will follow a child in a post-apocalyptic wasteland brought upon because World War 2 never ended in 1945

There is very little information surrounding the game. Based on a press release, players must explore an abandoned Nazi bunker to solve mysteries and piece together history. The game will involve choices to make which will impact how the narrative unfolds, the game also promises multiple endings.

The game features a truly unique twist on the post-apo genre, with its setting characterized by a mixture of technology and Slavic-pagan aesthetic, against a background of profound human emotions.

According to the games official website, Paradise Lost is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and set for release in fall 2020 (Or Q3 according to their website) on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The real question though, is will it use the "Next-Gen" hardware to its full advantage. All in! Games is hasn't confirmed and exact dates for the games release as of yet, just showing on the main page that the game is set to release in Q3 on the platforms above. For those interested on PC, you can add the game to your Steam wishlists for the time being. We expect to see more information and footage soon.

You can check out the official website here or add it to your Steam wishlist here.
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