Playstation 5 Tech Demo of UE5


Epic Games released the first-ever PlayStation 5 tech demo for Unreal Engine 5. This showcase was incredible, showing detailed animation, magnificent lighting and seamless animations. The only down side to the video was the fact that it was in-engine footage, shot in 1440p and 30FPS.

Now the PS5 demo with unreal engine was shot all in 1440p which is still far from viewing in 4k as it was originally claimed. Not that this should be worried about at all, as we know the console will support 4k. Next gen support for 120fps, Ray Tracing, fast SSD loading and so on have all been teased for the upcoming consoles. We were hoping to see some of that in action with these demos being out right now.

Both Eurogamer and Digital Foundry broke down key details of the trailer, looking at all the images and animations. As breath-taking as the video was, Ray Tracing and high refresh rates, both next generation features, weren’t present.

Now Ray Tracing not being present isn’t too alarming by any means. Only a handful of PC games have Ray Tracing available as its such a new technology. However, seeing the game only hitting 30FPS and being a lower resolution is surely disappointing for fans. Of course, the video is only a showcase of the potential of Unreal Engine, and in no way depicts its limitations.

With that said, there’s no real reason to worry about any performance issues, but rather take a look at how amazing games are going to be even without these next-gen elements. Rumor has it Sony will be sharing more information soon so stay tuned!

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