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Saints Row 5, the assumed name for the current Saints Row game in development, has been seemingly delayed. Embracer Group, the parent company of Deep Silver and THQ Nordic, has released some unfortunate news in regards to the games release. The company stated in its latest earnings call that it was planning to release two AAA games this fiscal year, which ends in March 2021. However, both of the titles that were to be released, have been since delayed. These games are now scheduled to release next fiscal year beginning on April 1, 2021, and goes until March 31, 2022.

The two titles referred to in the earnings call are not actually named, but we can assume that one of them is Saints Row. We do know the latest title in the popular crime series is scheduled to be revealed this year, and with that reveal, most assumed that a release date wasn't too far behind. However, when mentioning why it expects substantial growth this fiscal year, Embracer name drops many of the upcoming games from its portfolio, but not Saints Row. This seemingly confirming it's not releasing this fiscal year, which in turn hints at it being one of the delayed releases.

We expect substantial growth in the current financial year driven by a large number of high-qualityreleases, for which we are excited to the reception among gamers", said the company. "This growth will be underpinned by recent and upcoming new game releases such as Biomutant, Chorus, Deep Rock Galactic, Destroy all Humans!, Iron Harvest, MotoGP 20, Ride 4, Snowrunner, Wasteland 3, WWE2K Battlegrounds and a host of other titles that have not yet started their marketing campaigns.

They continued saying

Looking into the next financial year ending March 31 2022, we expect continued organic growth driven by further increase in the value of completed games including the first AAA games releases since Metro Exodus. From this year on we expect to have AAA releases every year.
There's no official word on Saints Row 5's status, as of now though, it looks like we are waiting until next year or possibly early 2022 for release.
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