PlayStation Spider-Man Could be One of Junes Free PS Plus Games


On the official PlayStation Store in UK, Marvel's Spider-Man shows the PS Plus subscribers icon next to it, indicating the game will be free next month. After just unveiling that Cod:WWII would be free, questions arose as to what other games would be free for the month of June. Sony recently confirmed that it’s going to unveil a big line-up of games for PS5 soon. While the company hasn't revealed just when that will happen, lots of rumors are hinting at early June. With such a huge event, there are bound to be surprises, and giving away Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS Plus subscribers might be only one of them.

If you attempt to buy Marvel’s Spider-Man from PlayStation’s UK store, a window will appears on the screen, asking whether you want to purchase the standard edition or if you prefer the Game of the Year edition with all the DLCs. At this point you will notice the PS Plus icon, which indicates that the game is available for free via PS Plus subscription. If you continue clicking the game will still show that you have to purchase it, but it's a pretty solid indicator that the game is going to be free.


We ask of course that you take this with a grain of salt, as Marvel’s Spider-Man has not been officially revealed as a free game (at least not yet). Sony added the game to its PS Now library just a few weeks ago, so it would be weird to see the game go free shortly after. Sony however might be offering Marvel’s Spider-Man for free just a few days before its upcoming event, a nice Segway into their game and hardware unveil. Also, the company is offering PS Plus subscription with a 30% discount as part of their Days of Play deals in June, which could bring a lot of new users to the service.
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