Square Enix Will Not Hold Online E3 Event


Square Enix recently released itsfinancial results for the last fiscal year. Upon doing some they also announced they won't be holding an online event around E3 2020 timing.

Square Enix Holdings released on May 13 its financial report on the last fiscal year, from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. In that release, they also informed he masses that no new content will be revealed around the E3 time. The company has stated that due to COVID-19, they are unable to showcase any of their upcoming titles, due to most assets not even being ready. Due to the pandemic and the state of emergency, all Japanese studios’ progress have slowed down as Masahiro Sakurai or niche studio Entergram explained. Square Enix stated they will instead be revealing some of their newest titles individually rather than at the normal E3 events.

  • Square Enix sales for the fiscal year are at 260.527.000.000 Yen, down 4% compared to the previous fiscal year.
  • Operating income is at 32.759.000.000 Yen, up 33% compared to the previous fiscal year .
  • Ordinary income is at Yen, up 12.9% compared to the previous year.
While we did see major titles released by Square Enix this year like Dragon Quest XI S, there were many more big titles released by Square Enix in the previous year. Also, the sales of these large titles from the previous year were lower, resulting in the 3% loss in sales.

As for mobile, browser and online games, profits on these platforms were higher. This is thanks to Romancing Saga Re;univerSe which is popular, and the launch of Dragon Quest Walk. Both Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV had a increase in monthly subscribers, seeing as both games got a new Expansion.

As far as arcade games and so on go, store revenue is stable, but new machine sales have declined slightly. As for manga and goods publishing there’s been a significant increase in digital sales thanks to the Manga Up! app.
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