Valorant Cross-Region Play Not Coming, but maybe later...


Riot Games has shared that there won’t be Valorant cross-region play support when the game first releases. Now this doesn't mean it isn't going to happen at all, but nothing they are planning to release at launch. For now, gamers on Valorant will only be able to play with friends within their region, which has its cons and perks.

What Cross-region play means is that you are isolated to gamers within your geographical area. For example, if you live in North American and have friends in Europe, you can only play with your North American friends. Anyone outside of your region would be unable to play with you. This is a bummer for those of us who have international friends, as you won't have the ability to squad up.

However, the most likely main reason of doing this is to prevent cheating and connection issues. By separating players by region, the ability to monitor and protect against cheating players would be far easier to do. However, it may also be due to connection limitations for the game, since the game is so fast paced, they may want players to have the fastest ping possible to compete. Cross-region play would allow every player in the game to play with people across the world, and with the people playing across the world, you would defiantly have higher ping.

It’s possible Riot may end up allowing Valorant cross-region play at a later date once some of the concerns around it are lifted, and once the game becomes a more stable release. Either way, the game is a lot of fun to play and is going to be an exciting FPS for the current generation. The game is currently being released exclusively on the PC, while PS4 and mobile versions may come later.

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