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Riot Game's Valorant is getting a lot of attention, especially after officially giving their public release date. However, some players have been reporting that the hit registration for the game feels off, at least for the past week. Riot said they are aware of the problems with registering shots and working on a fix. After acknowledging the complaints, they found some issues to be isolated, while one was confirmed. Riot stated they are working on “chasing down all of these things now” to correct the problems, seeing as a multitude of other bugs could also be causing issues with the hit registration.

Riot reached out to fans on their official Twitter account, thanking the players for the reports that they’d submitted and went into detail about some of the issues that were found. Combining the hit registration issue with other changes and Riot said it created a “perfect storm of issues,” but knowing that a fix is on the way, we hope these issues won't be around for long.

In other Valorant news, another ban wave that went out recently eliminated 1,600 more cheaters, doing what riot calls a "soul ban". So even if these players try to come back, their future accounts will automatically be banned too.
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