General Valorant Hits 334 Million Hours Watched, Also Bans Over 8000 Cheaters


Riot Game's all new game Valorant, is breaking records on Twitch, as it contains a vast majority of the streaming community on it since April.

Riot Games is known as the maker of League of Legends, a massive online MOBA and one of the top played games in the world. The developer’s latest project, Valorant, introduces something new as compared to their previous title. The game is a 5v5 online multiplayer first-person shooter, that focuses on accuracy, ability, and strategy. The game was launched in closed-beta phase earlier in April, allowing people to get access by watching twitch streams and linking your Riot Game account. Since then, the game is getting tons of views on Twitch, so many in fact, that it broke the record for the hours of being watched in a single day. Now we find out that the all these twitch views culminate to an astounding 334 million hours plus in April on Twitch.

The information comes from StreamElements and was reported by GameIndustry. With a lot of the people in the world staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of twitch and other streaming viewers has skyrocketed. As for Twitch, the service has gained 99% more views in this April compared to the same period in the last year. Twitch has been watched over 1.5 billion hours last month, with 334 million hours dedicated only for Valorant, meaning Valorant accounts for 22% of twitches views.

Now with al those great streams, one thing is lacking from them, cheaters. Thanks to Riot Games’ Vanguard, the anti-cheat system used in the game, over 8873 cheaters have been banned. Phillip Koskinas, a Anticheat Data Engineer at Riot Games said:

According to Koskinas, the players are “soul-banned” which he explains, “if you’ve cheated before, all your past, present, and future accounts will also be suspended. Some spirits will be released when the game is, allowing you to try once more on a new account, but this is the absolute limit of our mercy". As of now, the soul-bans are currently game-specific, however, this could change at any time, meaning the entire Riot Account would be banned. There are also talks of a Hardware Identification ban (HWID) which would mean harsher bans for those caught using cheats.

We have been playing Valorant and must say its an extremely fun and fresh take on 5v5 completive games. Valorant is currently in closed beta on PC and expects to launch in Summer 2020. There are plans for a Playstation and Mobile release but not initially.

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