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The new call of duty is slowly approaching us, and Warzone players found a pretty big hint at it being a Black Ops title. From current leaks and rumors, the next Call of Duty game will be called "Black Ops Cold War" and plans to unveil that meta within Warzone. Most likely though a Warzone revamp that we are yet to see.

Warzone began teasing the Cold War theme by allowing players to unlock bunker doors which had been present in the game map since launch. Players later discovered how to use in-game phone messages to unlock a secret 11th bunker, which features scenery similar to the Black Ops series. Some of this scenery includes a war room, a number countdown, and a nuclear warhead.

Warzone players recently discovered the most obvious Black Ops Easter Egg yet, a prototype RC car found on a table in one of Warzone’s buildings. The exact RC car was one of the kill streaks present in the Black Ops series, and was even an actual item included in a special edition version of the game.

Activision has also been teasing the Cold War theme with posts on their blog, referencing locked bunkers and risk of “global thermonuclear war”. VGC was told that the nuclear warhead discovered in Warzone’s secret 11th bunker would be used to trigger a map revamp to bring it in line with Black Ops’ cold war theme.

It was unclear if the Black Ops title would be incorporated into Modern Warfare-themed Warzone, since the two series operate independently. However, the huge popularity of the free-to-play game has proved impossible to ignore and Black Ops and Modern Warfare are set to combine in Warzone.

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