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Xbox recently released multiple clips and content of their upcoming xbox series X, showcasing some new titles coming soon. It was a great insight on what the teams have been working on, but many gamers expected more controller related gameplay rather than cinematic entries. Aaron Greenberg responded to the feedback that was given in the livestream and on twitter, saying that they had set the “wrong expectations”for the event. He also acknowledged the feedback and that the team was beginning work on a new showcase.

Microsoft had stated that the content would be “next-gen gameplay, trailers, and sneak peeks”, and fans on twitter quickly rallied behind the idea that what Xbox released was not what they were promised. Greenberg eventually responded after some discussions had broken out. In response to the tweets, Greenberg's response can be found below.

Xbox gameplay was shown during the event, just not a significant amount. We saw Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which showcased some of the world, attacks and so on. However, its showcase was very late into the show, and many people were expecting to see more. Microsoft still has more to say with its Xbox 20/20 events, with the next events taking place in June and July.
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