Xbox Series X and PS5 Prices Estimated by Industry Analyst


Michael Pachter, a video game industry analyst has just disclosed what he believes the PS5 and Xbox prices will be. Of course, these numbers are estimated, and in no way reflect what real prices could actually be, but track history would prove them to be reliable estimates. Pachter believes the PS5 will be $500, with the Xbox coming in much cheaper.

Now when saying cheaper, we don't mean substantially, but the Xbox Series X could be sold at $400, which is a whole $100 cheaper. If you remember the console wars in 2013, this prices may seem similar, and thats because they are. The difference being that Xbox started at $500 while Playstation was at $400.

However, despite Michael Pachter's reputation, he isn’t the first person to guess what the prices for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are. Also, these are just guesses, and we won't know any official details until its made official. One main advantage that the Playstation 4 had over the Xbox One was a cheaper price point. While also being at a cheaper price, it provided more games and better gaming power for the user. This year, we have already seen the Xbox Series X have incredible specifications, so could it being the more powerful console at a cheaper price, have a better sales rate?

Now we don't know if either company is making more affordable variants of the console but specifications isn't always the selling point. Playstation and Xbox also have some pretty amazing exclusive games, with the likes of Last of us and Halo. So, its really up to what you want to play rather than how much horsepower. Again though, we will just have to wait and see for release.

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