AERO Force Gaming Special Awards A collection of special AFG awards users can earn! Most of these must be requested or recommended manually, and if possible, provide appropriate evidence to validate requirements are met.
Founding Member of AFG
Total awarded: 2
Be an active streamer on any major streaming platform.
Total awarded: 0
Write 5 articles for AFG and have them promoted to the front page!
Total awarded: 1
Nobody knows how you really get this...just that it happens...and only to a select few
Total awarded: 0
This users services are trusted by the community, and proven to be true.
Total awarded: 0
Have a considerable following on YouTube or another major video platform (separate from streaming).
Total awarded: 0
Review a considerable amount of games on AFG resource section.
Total awarded: 0
Guide/Tutorial Maker
Make a considerable amount of guides/tutorials for users on the forums.
Total awarded: 0
You either get a lot of likes or lots of people love you here (aka recommended for this award), either way you're loved!
Total awarded: 1
Have a post sticked to any section of the forums.
Total awarded: 0
Create a add-on/script/game or some other form of computer generated program.
Total awarded: 1
Graphic Designer
Create some amazing graphic designs and upload them to AFG!
Total awarded: 1
Be current active or previous staff
Total awarded: 1
Explosive Content
Woah! You got at least 10k views on ONE post...thats pretty explosive...
Total awarded: 0