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Welcome to AERO Force Gaming!

This guide is designed to help answer some common questions and just helpful tips when browsing the website. It won't go over everything, but just a few of the things you may need to know most. Firstly lets talk about our sections!

Now depending on how you are viewing the website, the header or navigation bar may look slightly different. Regardless, there are 6 main sections to view, those being Home, Forums, Matchmaking, Streams, Groups, Showcase and Members. Each section is unique and you can read what each section has below!


Home: The home section is the first landing page your eyes will set on, it hosts all of the latest gaming news and announcements. If you scroll further you will also see the latest posts on the forum, which is the heart and soul of the website. The homepage is just to introduce you to some news, and lead you into the forums. If you ever want to see a history of all the gaming news and announcements, you can click here.

Forums: The heart and soul of the website, where you can engage with other community members. From the forums, you can talk about your favorite games, strategies, feedback and more. There are hand picked sections of some of the currently most popular games, which may be cycled in and out. You can also go into hardware specific sections, or even off topic or advice. The forums are the main part of AFG and we would love to see you post like crazy!

Matchmaking: This is similar to an LFG (looking for game) system, actually, its exactly that. Members on AFG can post their Nickname (Gamertag, ID, etc), Platform, and Game, to look for others who may want to play. You can also indicate if you have a mic, and if you use adult language (to help protect our younger audiences). You can also put a brief description as to what you are looking to do.

Streams: The streams section showcases some of the popular Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube streams. You can request your channel to be added as well, and we have a dedicated section and feature where YOU come first. Helping to boost the AFG community and yourself!

Groups: The groups section can be used to setup a clan and also host events. You can use our "Event" system in groups to showcase any event you want so other members can get online and playing. Its also a great way to customize your experience here on AFG and link up with friends. Possibly start clan wars, or even makes new clans!

Showcase: This section is where you are reading from right now. Showcase is designed to post reviews, guides and tutorials, artwork and so on! Its a place to expand upon forum posts and make dedicated sections for some amazing content. If you make a good guide or tutorial, chances are we will immortalize it here.

Members: Finally the members section, which hosts some of the top members, achievements, and other information. It's the large database that shows all the members of AFG.


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