Civilization VI Free on Epic Games Store


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Epic Game's has been on a streak with great free games and promotions they have been offering on their marketplace, with a new upcoming free title that won't disappoint. After the limited time Grand Theft Auto V l promotion last week, Civilization VI is the most recent free game release. Civilization VI is the latest entry in the popular turn-based strategy franchise making it a pretty big deal that it’s being sold for free.

Epic had kept the free release of GTA V quiet and locked up until close to release, but the company did leak the information slightly before release causing swarms of people to prepare to download it. Leading up to the Civilization VI announcement, a potential leak of the upcoming free titles for the digital storefront hit Reddit showing off Grand Theft Auto V, Civilization VI, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, and ARK: Survival Evolved to possibly releasing in that order. While the leak is just a leak, we see that its already partially true with the release of Civilization VI.

Civilization VI will be free to purchase on the Epic Games Store until Thursday 8 am PST next week, after which, another game will take its place. For bigger fans, you can get the Platinum Edition upgrade, giving owners every DLC pack and major expansion is also on sale for 50% off at $39.99.

Epic Games Store has been giving free games since it’s launch back in December of 2018, but more recently, they have been giving bigger more popular titles.