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The program says its a Trojan, is this bad?

There are multiple types of Trojans and they are all classified differently. If you are using a mod menu, chances are, its flagged it as a trojan. This is because the software (mod menu) is designed to inject code into a legitimate file. Security can't tell the difference if you want it or don't so flags it. Make sure you are downloading your menu from a reputable source. If possible, also install it onto a flash drive rather than your documents folder.

Do I NEED to turn off security?

Yes and no, you can set an exclusion for a specific file or folder to run, aka your menu. However, there's always the chance that it will clean out the program, and some menus won't even run. For safety, turn it off while using the menu, then turn defender back on. If you can, put the program on a USB drive.

How do I open the menu?

This depends typically on the menu maker, but the usual key will be F4, make sure to check their FAQ or discord.

Will I get banned?

The age old question, and there is no easy answer. With any online (or even offline) cheats, there is always a chance of ban. Depending on the makers, the exclusivity, and what you do with the menu determines this. For example, wrecking havoc will cause a Ban while doing single player will most likely not. Mod menus aren't recommended for Online play, especially for main accounts. You choose your own path, but know there is always a risk.
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