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GTA V Free on Epic Games Store


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May 10, 2020

And just like magic, Grand Theft Auto V is currently free via the Epic Games Store. Although this isn't anything completely new or unexpected its a perfect time to take advantage of a great deal. If you head over to the Epic Games Store on PC, you can claim your FREE copy of GTA right now.

If you aren't aware the Epic Games store has been giving away free games some time now, with the different games rotating in and out. We have seen them give away some pretty great games in the past, but "Grand Theft Auto V for free" is a whole different level for lots of gamers. Some users are having errors when attempting to actually download or redeem the free copy of the game, and Epic is aware.

Xbox Game Pass recently lost access to Grand Theft Auto V and added Red Dead Redemption 2, which is weirdly coincidental. We can assumes that Grand Theft Auto V will allow the free game to be claimed for one week, as they always have in the past, with the ending date being next Thursday, May 21st.