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New Call of Duty "On Track"


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May 10, 2020

The newest Call of Duty coming out this year has been teased as it prepares for lunch on current and next gen consoles. During a financial call at Activision, discussion in regards to game development was made, informing that it hasn't disrupted any game development. After which, they noted that this years Call of Duty, "on track for later this year." Essentially meaning that even though we are in a pandemic, the games progress is still being made and will be released around the same time as we usually expect it.

It was also noted during the call that Activision teased that the game "already looks great", letting us know that sufficient progress has already been made on the upcoming years biggest shooter blockbuster. While its great to know that the game is going to be coming out at time, that's about all we do know. Activision didn't say anything else about the game, or give any insight as to what we can expect the story line to be. It all comes down to speculation at this point, but if we look to the past then we can most likely assume its going to be something in the Black Ops genre.

Other rumors have state it will be set during the Vietnam War, and that both Treyarch and Sledgehammer games are working together to make this new edition into the series. We are excited to see what Activision has planned, are hoping to hear more info in the coming months.

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